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MMUK MAN White Foam Wedges (8 Pieces)

$9.50 USD

Top of the range wedges are brilliant for that professional finish and not for eating. These latex-free foam wedges will work with a variety of makeup products to ensure your complexion is consistent in coverage. Pure luxury as these gentle to the skin wedges are made from the finish of foams available on the market. Application of your makeup is as soft and cushion like. They are popular for use with items such as bb creams and foundations. An eco-friendly option as they are completely washable and used many times before replacing. The pack contains 8 pieces to keep you happy and covered flawlessly. MMUK MAN only used the best ingredients for their makeup and beauty ranges and these foam wedges are no exception. You’ll find they blend together formulas so miraculously that they appear untraceable eon the skin. To wash just douse with water and apply a drop of cleanser to the wedge. Create a lather and squeeze it against water until clear.

Collections: Accessories, Foam Wedges

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