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MMUK MAN Black Foam Wedges (24 Pieces)

$9.50 USD

A large set of premium makeup (beauty blending) foam wedges. This generous pack contains 24 pieces for you to use. You can reuse or discard after each use. The foam wedges are however completely reusable and can be washed to help save the planet from excess waste. Unlike cheaper variety foam wedges and sponges which are made from materials that retain residue like leeches, MMUK MAN assure you theirs don’t. This means 1 full pack could last you up to a year. These beautifully made, latex free foam wedges enable you to consistency apply your makeup for a professional finish. They are versatile tools and can be used for bronzers, foundations, and the various types of powders all exclusively available at MMUK MAN. For fuller coverage, dampen the sponge to actively achieve blending perfection. The sponges are made from the finest composites and completely negate any cakey build up of product on the skin. To wash the sponge, just soak in warm water and apply a little drop of cleanser to clean and sterilise the wedge. Create a mild lather and rinse through with squeezing motions until, not residual soap is left.

Collections: Accessories, Foam Wedges

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